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Welcome to Stella Self Tape Studios, conveniently located in the heart of Hollywood in the historic Hollywood Athletic Club. We offer a range of tailored options to meet your self tape, Zoom callback and voice-over needs, empowering you to deliver your best audition effortlessly.


Enjoy the added convenience of FREE parking, ensuring a stress and hassle free experience from the moment you arrive.


Step into our warm and state-of-the-art studio space, in a building hosting a vibrant community of creative professionals; agents, managers, and production studios, providing you with an inspiring environment to nurture your creativity.


Our pricing is fully inclusive, with no surprise extra costs and providing you with everything you need for a seamless self tape experience, including a talented working actor as a reader, 4K shooting, crisp over-head mic set-up, expert coaching, meticulous editing, and upload and delivery services that are done before you leave!


There is also no extra cost for extra takes. You're welcome to as many edited tapes as you'd like. 


Unleash your talent with confidence and join the countless actors who have experienced the difference that professionalism and expertise can make in your auditions!

Come One Come All

All ages are welcome. However, we ask anyone under the age of 18 to please attend with their parent or guardian. Our readers have undergone FBI and Department of Justice background checks and are safe to work with children. 

All Inclusive Pricing

With every tape at Stella Self Tape Studios, you have access to:


  • Hi-def 4K resolution camera with rich, crisp visuals and color.

  • Pristine, clear mic'd audio

  • Beautiful 3-point soft-lighting setup, with adjustable color-temp to flatter all skin tones

  • Props and basic furniture 

  • Professional reader and scene coaching

  • Options of gray and blue backdrops

  • Two teleprompters

  • Instant Playback of takes so you can make adjustments as you wish.

  • Immediate editing and tape delivery (we edit and send your audition BEFORE you leave)

  • Musical/singing audition capabilities 

  • Motion Capture audition capabilities 

  • Full body slating options 

  • Zoom and virtual callback options (so you don't have to go through your laptop camera!)

  • No extra cost for extra takes. You're welcome to as many edited tapes as you'd like!  

  • Flexible Hours: 7 days a week and after hours are available! 

  • Helpful, experienced and kind staff 

  • A judgment-free, creative, fun and collaborative environment! 

All at no extra cost! 


We offer readers in English, Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, Arabic and Hebrew!

Find out more about the ins and outs of our studio HERE as well as our STUDIO POLICY.

No code needed

or $36 for first time clients

or $60 for first time clients

or $96 for first time clients

or $52 for first time clients


In a Post-Pandemic world live streamed and Zoom auditions are more common than ever. Especially with call-back and producer sessions. Connect with casting anywhere in the world! 

At Stella Self Tape you can audition live through our 4K camera, direct to anyone with an internet connection!

We patch our camera in to Skype/Zoom/Blue Jeans etc, so you can enjoy our stunning quality picture, sound and lighting set up. Use our incredible self tape quality in your streamed auditions!

We read with you in the room, so there is no chance of lag. Space to move and act - without being awkwardly chained to your laptop. 

Don’t want to have to worry about the technical details? Save yourself the trouble of kitting out your own space, we will take care of it all.

Live Streamed Auditions are 1 hour minimum. 


Stella Self Tape, in addition to self-taping, is a premier destination for professional voice-over services.


We are dedicated to providing voiceover actors with a platform to showcase their talent and bring their performances to life.


With our crisp recording facilities and a team of experienced coaches and editors, we offer a collaborative and supportive environment where your unique voice can shine.


Whether you're working on commercials, animations, video games, audiobooks, or any other project, our team is committed to delivering exceptional quality, smooth editing and ensuring that your voice stands out. 

Before you leave your session, you will have a polished professionally edited clip!

Abstract Background

Contact Us

Ph: (323) 362 2554

Best to text or email, incase we're in session. 

(Free parking on site for all clients)

Standard Hours:

9am-7pm Monday-Friday

10am-6pm Saturday

9am- 4:00pm Sunday

Our studio is 24 hrs/7days a week.

We can accommodate tapes outside our standard hours, at a different rate, if you email!


See Studio Policy

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Stella self tape studios


Stella Self Tape Studios, named after Tennessee Williams timeless play 'A Streetcar Named Desire', has successfully established itself as Los Angeles' foremost choice for actors and creatives seeking top-notch self tape services.

Our mission is to provide a beautiful, warm, and technologically advanced studio that offers professional and affordable self taping and VO services. We prioritize the well-being of our clients and our valued readers and coaches.


Honesty and kindness are the foundation of our studio. We understand the financial challenges actors face, which is why we strive to deliver an exceptional service without breaking the bank, while still ensuring our readers receive a fair and livable wage.

Operating 24/7 (subject to reader availability) we offer additional filming options outside of regular business hours, with the additional cost of this service going directly into our readers pockets. We provide discounted self-tape packages for actors who tape a lot. We are a green business, having eliminated the need for paper printing of sides. For your comfort and convenience enjoy free parking and gender-neutral bathroom facilities.

We are here to assist you in every possible way! 


If you have any special requests or unique needs, simply let us know, and we will go above and beyond to accommodate them.

Rave Reviews

What Our Clients Think About Us

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 7.49.00 PM.png

"I wish I had found Demi sooner. She doesn't just point a camera at you and say words. She has the chops to engage with you in the scene and insight to bring out aspects of your performance you weren't aware you had in you. I have never and would never trust anyone else with my self-tapes.”


(THE YOUNG ROCK [booked with Demi], PAM & TOMMY [booked at Stella], TWO BROKE GIRLS, Aquaman)

Screenshot 2024-03-09 at 4.16.03 PM.png

"Stella Self Tape is phenomenal! The space is beautiful, parking is a breeze, and they give SUCH efficient feedback. I feel really confident filming my tapes there. They take time to make sure they hit all the right beats and nail all technical aspects like eye lines. I highly recommend this studio.”



Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 7.49.42 PM.png

"I went to Demitra to self-tape when I got the biggest audition and acting role of my career. Her detail as a reader, coach, and actor is so specific and helpful, that she made it easy for me to dive right into my character and scene. Bar none she is the best I've ever worked with and have only worked with since. With her guidance and expertise, she helped me book the biggest role of my career (The Suicide Squad) off that tape. I trust her to always help me deliver an honest performance and overcome any mental blocks."


(The Suicide Squad [booked with Demi], MAYANS [booked at Stella], BLUE BLOODS [booked at Stella], PREACHER, S.W.A.T)

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